Children from 0-11 years


Jouth 12 -17 years

€ 85.00

Adults from 18 years

€ 140.00

If the crew is one person only the cost will be of:
€ 180.00

Accommodation type Mobile Homes

Baya Blue (4 people + sheets and towels)
€ 700.00

Baia Sardinia (6 people + sheets and towels)
€ 900.00

Supplement pets in mobile homes
€ 36.00


Bracciano (Sunday 26 July 2020)
€ 75.00 (per person)

Tivoli (Tuesday 28 July 2020)
€ 85.00 (per person)

Viterbo (Monday 27 July 2020)
€ 85.00 (per person)

Roma by night (Friday 31 July 2020)
€ 65.00 (per person)

Castel Gandolfo (Saturday 1 August 2020)
€ 75.00 (per person)

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