What is Rally

The Rally

The National Federation of A.C.T. ITALY – Italian Tourist Campers Association – aims to spread the culture of outdoor tourism and is, in turn, a member of the only and prestigious international body of camping and caravanning: F.I.C.C. – Fédération Internazionale de Camping et de Caravanning, based in Brussels (EE), established in 1933 with Italy among the promoters.

Every year F.I.C.C. entrusts to its own member the task of organizing a “FICC RALLY” in the country to which it belongs, which consists of welcoming Tourist Campers from all over the world, to share the strong spirit of brotherhood and friendship that exists between practitioners of this particular way to make tourism in tents, caravans and campers.

The spirit is to privilege only the highly social, cultural and respect aspects among peoples.

The nations chosen from time to time by the FICC General Assembly use to pay guests all possible attention to present the peculiarities of their country and offer a unique and exciting experience to the participants.


The running period is from 24 July to 2 August 2020.


Among the places that could appear in the city of Rome, the choice of the site where the event will take place fell on the “Camping Capitol” of Ostia Antica.

This campsite is equipped with adequate services and is capable of containing a large multitude of campers, caravans, tents and buongalows, in a period of peak tourist season.

Activities in the 10 days of Rally

Institutional activities are planned, such as FICC Council meetings, the parade of nations, the raising of the flag of the international historical banner, the Assembly of Delegates from all over the world, the closing ceremony, the holding of the flag and the delivery of the banner to the representative of the country that will organize the following Rally.

Planned excursions

  • Bracciano – Odescalchi Castle and Borgo. Etruscan city a few kilometers from Rome;
  • Viterbo, city of art which is home to the Popes, with unmistakable medieval flavors;
  • Tivoli – Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este. Ancient tourist area with suggestions of history, spas, art;
  • Rome by night, walk in the suggestion of night Rome;
  • Castel Gandolfo, village of the Popes on the edge of a volcanic crater, now a suggestive lake.

The related activities are multiple and varied

  • A free pre-rally will be organized, which includes stages of approach to Rome-Ostia, involving Municipal Administrations awarded with the Yellow Flag A.C.T. ITALY. Each Municipality will organize stimulating activities also for children and young people.
  • In an archaeological stage of incomparable beauty, ACTItalia will organize transport by bus to the Baths of Caracalla and return to the campsite, to attend a performance of the Rome Opera House;
  • We intend to organize sports tournaments and animations at the Camping: soccer, swimming, cross-country running, golf, animations for young children and adults.
  • Bike ride on a cycle / pedestrian path along the Tiber river between Rome and the sea, history and nature far from cars and noise, surrounded by greenery.


  • The shipping company GRIMALDI LINES reserves 40% off to all Rally members on all lines of the Tyrrhenian (Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Sicily) and the Adriatic (Greece)
  • Discounts from other shipping companies for those coming from Croatia.
  • Call for further information
  • New conventions will be added to encourage participants as much as possible.

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